(L-R) Front Row: Adriana Duehrssen, Jean Flahaut, Kendra Ward, Kory Meidell, Brittany Learned, Josh Paton, Alexa Hernandez
Back Row: Kelsy Claridge, Jason Melton, Amara Johnson, Rebecca Ziriax,
Bob Russell, Randy Ward, Micah Ward, Valencia Miller, Leta Vaughn

After lots of training and preparation the Castle Valley EMR team is serving Castle Valley and the local neighborhood. Thanks to Grand County Emergency Medical Service who provided the training, the ambulance and equipment and is providing ongoing oversight of this team.
Here are some pictures of the whole team at a recent joint training event.

When a medical emergency is reported in Castle Valley Grand County EMS and Castle Valley EMRs are paged simultaneously. Both respond as rapidly as possible. The Castle Valley EMRs usually arrive first because of the difference in travel distance. The CVEMRs can begin to assess the patient and provide limited initial treatment.
They are in radio contact with the Moab EMTs who are
in route with more technical equipment and
higher levels of medical training.

In many emergency medical situations the response
time is critical to the final outcome. The addition of the Castle Valley EMRs means quicker response to emergencies for our community.

Thanks to everyone in Grand County and Castle Valley whose contributions made this possible.



In May of 2015 the Castle Valley Volunteer Fire Department and EMR Team joined with students from the DayStar Adventist Academy in a simulated disaster. They rappelled into a ravine where victims had fallen after been thrown from a car when it overturned and a fire was burning.

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Pictures by Bob Russell and Alexa Hernandez

Participating in the exercise:

From the CV Fire Department:
Chief Ron Drake, Bob Russell, Randy Ward, Micah Ward,
Greg Halliday and Lesley Craig.

From the DayStar Adventist Academy:
Daryk McWilliams, Riley McWilliams, Dylan and Taylor McWilliams, Joshua,Joseph and Judah Hernandez, Mercedes Ornelas, Kory Meidell, Amara Johnson, Danny Szarbak, Daniel Tornel, Micah Ward, Sarah Black, Danylle Langley, Adrianna Duehrssen, Randy Ward, Alexa Hernandez, Carrie Hicks, and Dr. Michael Duehrssen.


Castle Valley Emergency Medical
First Responders


You may have seen or heard the Classic Lifeguard helicopter settle beside
the Town Center a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, no one was ill or injured.
It was part of the Castle Valley First Responder Emergency Medical Responder
training being conducted by Grand County Emergency Medical Services.
Since November18, students have been working hard in a sixty hour intensive
and demanding course leading up to certification exams by
Utah State Emergency Medical Certifiers from Salt Lake.

You may have been recruited by one or more of the students to role play a sick
or injured patient for the many patient assessment practices required. The students are your friends and neighbors from the Castle Valley Fire Department,
the community, staff and students from the DayStar Academy in the valley.

This program came to life under the leadership of Andy Smith, Grand County Director of Emergency Medical Services, Chief Ron Drake and our
Fire District Commission, and Dr. Michael Duersen and The DayStar Academy. The training course was ably developed and conducted by Paula Dunham Assistant Education Director of GCEMS. She had the assistance of
Grand County EMT, s notably Sandy White was a key part of the program
and assistance was given by as well as Randy Ward and Dr. Duehrssen of
DayStar Academy. It was strongly supported
by Mayor Dave Erley and the Town Counsel Council.

We all love living in this valley because of it’s beauty and remoteness.
However we know that one of the downsides is response time to serious illness or injury. This team, under the direction of Grand County Emergency Services,
will significantly help to improve that situation for residents and visitors.