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We all know there is nothing greater than living in a small town. In a small town everyone matters; we all rely on each other. You get to know your neighbors and you get to know your Fire Department.

Founded in 1977 and a Firewise Community member since 2004, the Castle Valley Fire Department became an integral part of the town. All Volunteer, all of the time, they train year round for our health and safety and make our community a better place to be.


Wildland fires can devastate a community, but by creating a fire-safe boundary around your house you may avoid disaster while helping firefighters.

The Castle Valley Fire Department is asking for help in controlling the fuels that could threaten the valley in the event of a fire.

The objective is to remove enough fuel so that when a wildfire burns, it is less severe and can be more easily suppressed. When fuels accumulate, they allow fires to burn hotter, faster and with higher flame lengths.

Creating defensible space on your property. Remove dead or dying grass shrubs and trees. Reduce the desity of vegetation. Mow the cheat grass before it goes to seed. Replace hazardous vegetation with irrigated landscapes like lawn or other low-growing ground covers and flowering plants.

By reporting the time you spend creating your defensible space , the State of Utah credits the district for funds fighting future fires.download the In-Kind form below or ask for a copy at the
Castle Valley Town Hall. Return completed forms to the Town Hall.

Click our Firewise link for other ways to prepare for a wild land fire and what you can do to help make your community a safer place to live.



This controlled burn was from the efforts of Jan and Juia Paegle on Chamisa. The blaze was lit on a breezeless with The Beast, Chief Ron Drake and Mitch Stock standing by.

The great thing about this is that what they are doing not only benefits them, but the entire community. If there is a fire, the flames stop here.

Julia Paegle

All of this brush came from one lot. Rather than letting nature
take its course, the Paegles did the Firewise thing and scheduled a controlled burn. Not only is their house and property safer,
so is the property of those around them.

The Porcupine Ranch Fire of 2008

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